GOPRO Camera Rentals
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Express Camera Rentals

Rent a camera for your vacation for less than $10.00 per day!


Express Camera Rentals, LLC (ECR) offers short-term rentals of the  GOPRO HERO3 camera:

see our Product Page for more details

This camera offers the latest advances in video and still camera technologies, specifically geared toward use in personal sporting events, weddings and other activities.

Features of Express Camera Rentals service:

  •  Rental of the latest GOPRO camera for a fraction of the purchase price
  •  We have many mount and accessories available
  •  Cameras are waterproof, high-definition, small and lightweight, and easy to use
  •  Cameras available for pick-up
  •  Optional delivery / pick-up service
  •  Multiple options to retrieve your photos and videos

We also offer purchase of new GOPRO HERO cameras. See our Pricing Page for more details.

Go to for more information on GOPRO HERO3 Silver camera.


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